Members of the Foundation board

Rolf Sachs, Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada, Sarah Leemann, Hans Peter Strebel und Beat Curti (from left to right)

Rolf Sachs, Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada, Sarah Leemann, Hans Peter Strebel und Beat Curti (from left to right)

Foundation board president

Andreas Caminada
Andreas Caminada’s immense creativity combined with his passion and consistent pursuit of his vision have catapulted him to very top of the worldwide culinary scene.  

Since 2003, the Swiss chef has made the Schauenstein Chateau Restaurant Hotel in Fürstenau (Switzerland) his leased culinary home. His restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin stars and 19 GaultMillau points.

The Fundazium Uccelin is an organization that is close to Caminada’s heart. On his trailblazing move to the top, the chef born in the Canton of Grisons has experienced first hand how many sacrifices and efforts it takes to become a successful chef. Through his Uccelin Foundation he aims to focus on developing the talents of up and coming culinary masters to ensure the continued growth and diversity of their quality achievements.   

Members of the Foundation

Beat Curti
As a passionate entrepreneur who worked in food retail and for traditional media organizations in the past, Beat Curti is now engaged in digital ventures. As a software solutions provider, he has established himself as a global trendsetter.

He is also an active advocate for social projects. As such, he founded and is the president of the non-profit “Tischlein deck dich,” which collects and redistributes food items that would otherwise be disposed of. In 2015, thanks to the work of 2’500 volunteers, the organization provided 15 million meals to people in need.

Statement Beat Curti: “The Swiss food service industry is the global benchmark for excellence in creativity, cuisine and service!”

Tanja Grandits
She is the executive chef of the legendary restaurant Stucki in Basel, the proud winner of two Michelin stars and 18 GaultMillau points ( Tanja Grandits is renowned for her masterful virtuosity in the use of aromas, spices and textures. No matter what this famous chef is conjuring up on plates served at her restaurant or produces for her own food collection: Her creations are fascinating for the eye, satisfy the palate and feed the soul.

Statement Tanja: “Working with young talent inspires me – time and again. It constantly reminds me how creative and wonderful the work of a chef truly is.” 

Rolf Sachs
Rolf Sachs is a Swiss artist, designer and photographer. A conceptional intellectual, he turns life’s themes into design works. Trying to follow his thoughts is like studying a gourmet menu for the mind. Even as a young child, Rolf Sachs was a passionate cook and he is also convinced that good cooks have the soul of artists.

Statement Rolf: “Andreas Caminada is an artist, entrepreneur and a role model who has to share and pass on his vision and skills. He has the ability to motivate and mentor young talent through his foundation.”

Hans Peter Strebel
Thanks to his persistence and hard work, this former pharmacist turned entrepreneur has helped the pharmaceutical industry make significant progress in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Hans Peter Strebel moves mountains – as a person and through his work. He cares deeply about mankind’s future and thus up and coming talent. As a consequence he provides funding to various start-up platforms for fledgling enterprises and to young athletes pursuing careers in ice hockey (EVZ).

Statement HP: “Any type of activity that moves young people ahead is immensely important to me. The work we do in these fields is work for the future of humanity.”